TV and Movie Clips

A brief selection of extracts and short pieces directed and edited for UK broadcast television by Jane Thorburn. Produced by After Image.

NOLLYWOOD Just doing it
Documentary about the story behind Nigeria's vibrant multi-billion-naira independent movie industry. In 2007 NOLLYWOOD was producing over 2000 video dramas which were sold in small shops and markets. Featuring Kunle Afolayan, Tunde Kelani and Amaka Igwe

NOLLYWOOD 2 Doing it Right
In 2009 the UN declared that Nigeria surpassed Hollywood as the world's second largest film producer. But that same year the industry known as Nollywood was in crisis. Piracy and the refusal to structure had threatened to kill the industry. This is the second chapter in the story of the fastest growing film and video industry in the world.

Channel 4 TV OPERA. 52 Minute Contemporary Opera/drama commissioned by Channel 4. Directed by Jane Thorburn. Composed by Orlando Gough and designed by the artist Bruce McLean. Produced by After Image Ltd 1994. Libretto by David Gale based on a play by Wedekind. The young Empress Felissa is prescribed marriage as the only cure for her depression but she rejects a succession of suitors representing power, intellect and in favour of muscleman Holtoff.

The Score
Programme 4. Classical Music Magazine series Produced by After Image for BBC2. 1994. Series Edited by Jane Thorburn.

Love Me Gangster
From the creators of the BRUTE! pulp nasty by Malcolm Bennett and Aidan Hughes, originally shown on Channel 4 (UK) in 1986 as part of production company After Image's Alter Image series, directed and produced by Jane Thorburn and Mark Lucas and staring Bob Pugh and Crispin Letts.

El Sabor del Solar 2005 21 minutes
A documentary celebrating the lives, music and dance of the neighbours, musicians and performers living in Solars (run down social housing in Havana Cuba).

La Familia Aspirina 2005 10 minutes
Over 100 strong, four generations of the Aspirina family in Cuba continue to perform traditional Cuban music and dance. This documentary spends one day at a family party where family members aged 5 to 90 sing, drum and drink rum.

THE LIFT Dance for Camera
Commissioned by BBC2 & The Arts Council. Devised, directed and edited by Jane Thorburn with choreographer Carol Brown. TX BBC2 & BBC Knowledge. Cannes HD Film Festival

GOD IS GREAT But what can I make of my life?
25 minutes documentary about the plight of very young girls and women in rural northern Nigeria who develop Fistulas. largely as result of prolonged obstructed labour. Community Channel. HiTV Nigeria

PULL A sculptural Dance for Camera
A collaborative work by Bruce McLean, David Proud, Ashley Page, Jane Thorburn and Mark Lucas. Music by David A. Stewart. An After Image production for the BBC and the Arts Council of England.

S.O.S. Songs of Seduction
Part of the Sound on Film BBC2 series - where composer and director collaborate as equal partners to create short films. A lone yachtswoman is lost at sea in an upturned boat. Male sirens try to persuade her to come with them to the depths of the ocean. Director Jane Thorburn. Composer Jenni Roditi. Writer Peter Blegvad.

Sankai Juku
were a Butoh dance group from Japan. Directed by JANE THORBURN for the Channel 4 Arts magazine programme ALTER IMAGE. Produced by AFTER IMAGE in 1982. Shot in the depths of Battersea Power Station before it was gutted.

Chic Pix/ The Flying Lizards
Produced by AFTER IMAGE for the Channel 4 Arts Magazine programme ALTER IMAGE. A collaboration with CHIC PIX and David Cunningham from THE FLYING LIZARDS. Directed & Edited by Jane Thorburn.

That's What Friends Are For
A poem performed and written by NEIL BARTLETT. Designed by ROBIN WHITMORE. Directed by JANE THORBURN.. Produced by AFTER IMAGE for series 3 of the Channel 4 Arts magazine series ALTER IMAGE.

RORY MCLEOD Farewell Welfare

Dustbin Dance
Originally created in 1985 for a Channel 4 musical comedy series 'Pookiesnackenburger in...' this item was also shown on the Arts magazine series ALTER IMAGE. Both series were produced by AFTER IMAGE in 1985, Directed & Edited by JANE THORBURN. Members of POOKIESNACKENBURGER Steve McNicholas and Luke Cresswell went on to create 'STOMP'

Hellbent Pookiesnackenburger


3 MUSTAPHAS 3 on The Balkan Television Service


LA LA LA HUMAN Steps 'Human Sex'

BRUCE McLEAN Would you like some cheese?


TIM LEWIS Kinetic Art


ARTRAGE Malcolm Bennett does Art schools


Alter Image series 3 programme 2
An Arts Magazine Series Commissioned by Channel 4. in the 80's Directed by Jane Thorburn. Produced by AFTER IMAGE.
This Programme features the singer Najma Akhtar, sculptor Sokari Douglas Camp, artist David Nash, and a poem written and performed by Neil Bartlett.

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